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Atlantek Vision is a leading vision technology specialist, with over 25 years experience in vision industries. Our goal is to supply you with the most powerful, cost effective and user friendly image processing, machine vision and vision security components. Minimise development time and risk for your vision application. Please give us a call - we are keen to help out with advice on products that meet your technical and budgetry requirements. We distribute world leading vision hardware and software that have produced field proven results and enjoy a solid and reliable track record. Contact us today and we’ll beat any genuine written quote on our line card products. We look forward to working with you.

Machine Vision Cameras Machine Vision Cameras, Lenses & Filters
Imperx (Truesense & Sony CCD and E2V, OnSemi, CMOSIS & ANAFocus CMOS areascan sensors supporting GigEVision, CoaXpress, USB3 and Camera Link cameras, PCMCIA and ExpressCard 34 & 54 grabbers), Baumer (GigEVision CCD/CMOS areascan sensors, PoE, inexpensive IP67 enclosures), e2v (AVIIVA, ELIIXA & DiViiNA linescan CCD & CMOS cameras supporting GigEVision and Camera Link), Chromasens 3D cameras, XIMEA Smart, USB3 & Scientific cameras and FOculus (Sony CCD Sensors supporting Firewire) cameras are available to solve your straightforward or complex applications in aerospace, manufacturing, medical, recording and a broad range of simple to challenging applications. FOculus Firewire cameras are DCAM 1.3x compliant and a natural fit with MatlabTM and LabviewTM. All these cameras are designed and manufactured to high quality standards and are competitively priced in both low and high volume applications. In addition, these cameras are physically very small. Atlantek can also supply Sony analog, Sony FCB HD, Watec, Toshiba, Hitachi, Pacific Corporation and Silicon Imaging cameras, with lenses from Pentax, Computar, V.S.Technology, Tamron, Fujinon, Zeiss, Tokina, Kowa, Elmo and Myutron. Lens filters (polarising, neutral density & bandpass), camera power supplies, cables and other camera accessories are available on request. High frame rate miniature USB2 & USB3 CMOS cameras (VGA, 1.3MP, 3MP & 5MP).
CURRERA-R XIMEA Machine Vision Smart Camera with PC inside
CURRERA-R is an Machine Vision Camera integrated with standard, INTEL CPU based Personal Computer (PC) in single very compact IP67 class housing. Despite its small size, CURRERA is a complete Vision System just like the usual Camera bundled with separate PC or Compact Vision System. You can connect all PC standard peripheries: Display, Keyboard and mouse, external storage, or use it in standalone mode, or via Remote Desktop over the network. Sensor choice from VGA to 5MP. It runs Windows and Linux, with multiple Image Processing Libraries such as Halcon. Low power consumption, supplied via PoE or external supply.
Chromasens 3D surface measurement Chromasens Optical 3D surface measurement
Chromasens offers a unique fusion of high-quality line scan camera technology and 3D measuring technology with the highest possible image resolution. Based on trilinear Chromasens line scan camera technology, 3D cameras can achieve up to 7300 pixels per line. As with all line scan camera systems, resolution, recording width and scan speeds are dependent on one another and variable in many areas. The systems are based on a stereoscopic recording of the original. Based on texture, two images are correlated and the corresponding altitude information is captured. The altitude measurement precision is in the region of 1/5-1/10 of the object pixel sizes (example: 100 µm optical resolution per pixel => 10 µm altitude resolution). The calculation of the altitude data takes place in real-time supported by high-performance graphic processors.
Telops IR cameras Telops advanced IR cameras
Revolutionary Telops Hyper-Cam IR cameras are available in HD (1280x1024 @ 75FPS), high speed (320x256 @ 1,000FPS) and hyperspectral (airborne module available). Telops' advanced infrared sensors provide radiance characteristics of targets in three dimensions: spectrally, spatially and temporally. This trio of readings makes it easier to acquire critical information about your targets and answer key questions such as: Is there a gas present and if so, where is it? Is there a hidden vehicle nearby? How is the signature evolving? The result is a much clearer picture of the situation, much faster than you ever imagined!
Thermoteknix IR cameras Irisys thermal imagers and Thermoteknix IR cameras
The Irisys high temperature range thermal imager offers exceptional performance at an economical price point. The Thermoteknix MIRICLE® range of thermal imaging cameras was developed to offer integrators, system builders and end-users a self contained, high performance thermal imaging camera or module that exceed the performance of other units available. MIRICLE® cameras are available in 384 x 288 or 640 x 480 resolution versions and range from hermetically sealed space qualified units to hand held imagers, fixed surveillance cameras and unattended ground sensors. Supported by Thermoteknix integral signal processing and image enhancement with flexible configurations, MIRICLE® cameras provide a self-contained solution in a miniature package.
Baumer VeriSens Barcode Scanners Baumer VeriSens Vision Sensors
The VeriSens vision sensors from Baumer close the gap between traditional optical sensors and complex vision systems. The innovative products are characterized by an extremely compact design, ease of use and highly reliable and stable operation. Due to the patented Baumer FEX processor technology VeriSens vision sensors provide an overall performance unachieved in this class until now. VeriSens vision scanners are available in standard, stainless steel and C-mount enclosures.

For inspection and acquisition of
* Position and orientation
* Part completeness and presence
* Barcode and matrix code
* Numbers and characters
Security Cameras, CCTV Lenses & DVR's Mobotix, Security Cameras, CCTV Lenses & DVR's
For security applications, Mobotix megapixel cameras, standard security cameras or IP PTZ dome camera assemblies available with indoor or outdoor housings and day/night operation capability. Latest designs available with cost effective WiFi and solar and/or wind power accessories. Compatible PTZ controllers, standalone cameras, housings and IR illuminators are also available. High quality Ganz and Sony/Samsung/Hitachi block core PTZ's. High quality Ganz cameras, CCTV lenses and accessories. Exceptional volume pricing.
APG Industrial Camera & Lighting Enclosures for Machine Vision Industrial Camera & Lighting Enclosures for Machine Vision
APG manufactures Industrial Camera & Lighting Enclosures for Machine Vision applications in harsh environments including NEMA 4X, IP66, Explosion Proof & FDA (Food environments). APG stocks a range of specialist housings for many popular machine vision sensors including Cognex, DVT & Microscan. APG also specialises in custom designs. A low cost Pan & Tilt mount has been released.
Norpix Digital Video Recording Software
Norpix's StreamPixTM Digital Video Recording software allows you to acquire live uncompressed or compressed (AVI) video directly to your computer's hard disk or RAM memory. It provides a GUI with a video-like recorder toolbar. StreamPix supports a wide selection of third party IEEE, analog, digital and high speed cameras along with various frame grabbers. Both software only and complete turnkey systems are available.
Halcon Machine Vision Software
HALCON and ActivVisionTools are world leading software development tools for a broad range of machine vision applications. Each package is comprised of user selectable modules such as Pattern Matching, Blob Analysis, OCR, Bar Code Reading, Measurement and many more. HALCON supports easy programming in C, C++ and ActiveX (Visual Basic), while ActivVisionTools supports fast application development without programming ! Both packages support PicPort and PicPort-Pro frame grabbers, Firewire (IEEE1394) and GigEVision cameras as well as multi-processor computer environments. Supported operating systems are Windows NT/2000 and Linux/Unix.
Pleora iPORT and Ethercast Vision Connectivity Solutions over Gigabit Ethernet
Pleora's iPORTTM Machine Vision and Broadcast Connectivity Solutions are centered on its unique iPORTTM and EthercastTM IP Engines, which efficiently format imaging data for transport over high-speed Gigabit Ethernet networks. Pleora's iPORTTM and EthercastTM IP Engines are based on flexible, high-performance FPGA technology. They are available in numerous configurations, including small-footprint modules, OEM boards, components, and intellectual property. The VDisplay IP engine facilitates PC-independent monitor display of GigE Vision IP.

Read an interesting article in Advanced Imaging about the pros and cons of GigE.
Components Express Components Express Camera Cables and Assemblies
Components Express features high quality in-house manufacturing capabilities and cost-effective international import operations that allow it to offer both simple components and complex sub assemblies. Please contact us for a quote on your standard or custom cable requirements. Components Express products can be found here.
Vivid Vivid Engineering Camera Link Products
Vivid Engineering is a leading supplier of Camera Link simulators, repeaters, extenders, translators, adapters, converters, splitters, duplicators, breakout boxs and cable products to aide in the development, test, and integration of Camera Link based components and systems
LED LATAB & Phlox LED Lighting for Machine Vision
LATAB develops and produces LED illumination and controllers for machine vision applications. With more than 3000 standard products and a focus on custom-designed LED arrays the company offers one of the largest product ranges in machine vision lighting in the world.

Innovative LED technology from Phlox can be used to customise LED backlights for LCD, machine vision, medical and other non-standard applications.
Bitflow High performance Frame Grabbers for Medium and Full Camera Link
High performance Karbon and Neon frame grabbers from Bitflow are performance world leaders for interfacing to Camera Link cameras. Karbon is the world's first four-camera PCI Express frame grabber. With an x8 PCI Express interface, the board can DMA at speeds of up to two gigabytes per second. Up to 10-tap cameras are supported at maximum throughput.
ActiveGige Active GigE Universal GigE Vision Driver
Active GigE is a universal GigE Vision Driver and hardware-independent SDK designed to provide developers with a rapid access to GigE Vision (Gigabit Ethernet) digital cameras. Just drop an ActiveGigE control onto the surface of your application and have it immediately support multiple GigEVision cameras. With ActiveGigE your application does not have to rely on a specific camera model - any GigE Vision™ compliant camera will work with it out-of-the-box in any popular development environment, such as Visual Studio, Visual Basic (VB), Delphi, PowerBuilder, Java, Matlab, Python, QT. You can even insert an ActiveGigE object into an MS Word or PowerPoint document and have the live video embedded right into your presentation!
Radiant Zemax Imaging Colorimetry and Photometry systems, Automated Visual Inspection & Optical and Illumination Design
Radiant Zemax provides general purpose imaging colorimetry and photometry systems, and application specific solutions:
* LED screen correction equipment and/or services
* Light source characterization via industry leading Radiant Source Models™
* PM Series™ Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers
* Source Imaging Goniometers, Imaging Spheres for Luminous Intensity/ View Angle Performance/ Scatter and Appearance Measurement, Flat Panel Measurement Systems, and other systems to enable application specific measurements
* ProMetric Application Software for Production Test Sequencing, LED Screen Correction, Display Color Balancing, and much more.

Radiant Zemax delivers products and services that perform and enable characterization and measurement of a wide variety of light emitting components and systems including:
* Light Sources, including LEDs, incandescent lights, and more
* Luminaires
* Flat Panel Displays, including LCDs, plasma displays, and LED screens
* Projection Systems, including front and rear projectors
* Instrument Panels, Keypads, and other arrayed lighted systems

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