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DAHENG Imaging low cost monochrome/color CMOS GigE/USB3/USB2 areascan Cameras.

Daheng Imaging designs and manufactures low cost, high quality GigE, PoE, USB3 & USB2 cameras from VGA to 18MP. Sensors supported include Sony (Pregius & EXview), OnSemi (Python, MT & AR) & Sharp. Are these cameras the best priced machine vision cameras available ? You be the judge - email or call for a quote.

Founded in 1991 and initially based upon the technologies developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, DAHENG Imaging is a leading company in China that creates, develops, manufactures and sells machine vision components & solutions.

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High-performance machine vision components, industrial cameras & vision sensors

Baumer Cameras

Modern image processing faces the challenge of successfully completing complex inspection tasks at top speed. Choosing to use Baumer vision components is the most important step on the way to a reliable solution.

The high-performance product portfolio – from cameras to vision sensors – with sensor resolution from VGA up to 65 megapixel, always offer exactly the right components for a wide range of applications.

For food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry versatile IP 54, IP 65, IP 67, and IP 69K housing accessories enable suitable application solutions.

With Baumer VeriSens vision sensors, complex process control tasks can be managed by utilizing image processing technology without a PC. Thanks to the intuitive configuration interface of the vision sensor integration is both easy and rapid.

Baumer cameras with CMOS sensors are the core of high-performance image processing solutions. Your investment in process automation is ensured – whether your goal is maximum speed or precise attention to detail. The portfolio contains robust industrial cameras providing up to 1622 frames/s or resolutions up to 65 megapixel.

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IMPERX GigE/Camera Link High-resolution/High-Speed CCD Cameras

Incorporating Truesense CCD sensors, IMPERX cameras are ideal for:

* Ballistics, Destruction testing
* Transportation, Automotive and Railroad Inspection
* Aerospace, Fast Motion Tracking and Analysis

* Machine Vision, Metrology
* Medical Imaging, Microscopy
* Semiconductor, PCB and Flat Panel Inspection
* Scientific Imaging, Research and Development
* Film Industry, Document Scanning

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Chromasens 3D and Multi-Spectral Linescan Cameras


Chromasens is your professional contact for industrial image capturing. We offer you a wide spectrum of line scan cameras, spectral cameras, illumination systems and specialized solutions for industrial applications. In addition to standard components, Chromasens designs, develops and integrates customer-specific solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.

3D Surface Measurement Linescan Cameras
Optical 3D measurement technology is increasingly replacing the classical tactile measurement technology and is continuously opening up new application fields. Only a small part of the possible applications have been achieved so far. Chromasens offers a unique fusion of high-quality line scan camera technology and 3D measuring technology with the highest possible image resolution. Based on trilinear Chromasens line scan camera technology, 3D cameras can achieve up to 7300 pixels per line. As with all line scan camera systems, resolution, recording width and scan speeds are dependent on one another and variable in many areas. The systems are based on a stereoscopic recording of the original. Based on texture, two images are correlated and the corresponding altitude information is captured. The altitude measurement precision is in the region of 1/5-1/10 of the object pixel sizes (example: 100 µm optical resolution per pixel => 10 µm altitude resolution). The calculation of the altitude data takes place in real-time supported by high-performance graphic processors.

Multi-Spectral Linescan Cameras
Until now, the issue of accurate colour reproduction has often taken a bit of a back seat within the context of automated quality control. For example, the colour check in printing technology used to be done manually by the user after printout of the test sheet using a variance comparison. The reason, this procedure could not be automated, was that the spectral resolution of cameras was, until very recently, limited to three sensors (red, green, blue). With the introduction of sensors in which the spectral sensitivity can be significantly more precisely defined and reproduced, more multi-channel, spectrally selective sensors can be manufactured. These ensure capturing of the original with use of spectral resolution in which minimal colour deviations can be significantly better detected. truePIXA-6C technology offers the opportunity of multi-channel image capturing within the RGB and infrared area (360-950 nm). It allows the reproduction of an enhanced colour space and allows a more precise colour reproduction in comparison to conventional 3-channel RGB technology. The enhanced versions truePIXA-9C and truePIXA-12C allow measurement applications in the area of spectral reconstructions of the originals. The image processing concept of Chromasens cameras allows it to be implemented in applications that require colour management, independently of multi-spectral solutions. Furthermore, the cameras support an internal colour management (typical in sRGB or other color spaces). In printing applications for example, by combination of 12 image channels with a homogenous and wide focused line illumination truePIXA is able to measure colour values simultaneously all over the printed document.

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XIMEA USB3 Cameras

USB3 CMOS cameras: Based on more than 20 years’ experience building ultra-compact cameras XIMEA sets new benchmarks for performance and size with the xiQ series of USB 3.0 industrial machine vision camera compatible with upcoming USB3 Vision standard. The xiQ series features a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed data interface capable of 5Gbit/s and throughput of up to 400 Mpix/s.The xiQ series come with the newest CMOS sensors, Global Shutters and improved quantum efficiency in the visible and NIR spectral ranges. Other highlights of xiQ series include: resolution from VGA to 4Mpix, frame rates of up to 600fps, HDR model with dynamic range of 100 dB, opto-isolated trigger input and lighting synchronisation output, on-board non-volatile memory for user settings and custom data. Line of xiQ cameras has world smallest dimensions and volume of any USB 3.0 C/CS mount cameras with 26.4 x 26.4 x 21.2mm and 26g weight. Very low power consumption between 1W to 1.8W according to model.

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Matrox Smart & 3D Cameras

Matrox Smart Cameras
Matrox® Iris GTX is the next evolution of smart cameras from Matrox Imaging. Offering higher resolution sensors and substantially more processing power than its immediate predecessor, Matrox Iris GTX provides exceptional performance for a compact all-in-one vision system. Paired with flowchart-based Matrox Design Assistant® X1 software, engineers and technicians can quickly configure and deploy machine vision to the Matrox Iris GTX smart cameras. Video capture, analysis, classification, location, measurement, reading, verification, communication, and I/O operations—as well as a web-based operator interface—are all set up within the same software. Matrox Iris GTX smart cameras are model edge IoT devices, performing data acquisition and analytics, and providing results nearest to the manufacturing process requiring guidance or inspection, thus ensuring consistent, timely response and action. An Intel® Atom® x6000 series embedded processor allows the use of higher-resolution image sensors that together deliver new levels of performance to the Matrox Iris GTX. The efficient processor enables the Matrox Iris GTX smart cameras to handle both traditional machine vision workloads as well as deep learning inference. These smart cameras also offer real-time digital I/Os for interfacing directly to automation devices. They provide GigE and USB ports, and a VGA video output to enable full integration within an automation cell or machine.

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Matrox 3D Cameras
Matrox® AltiZ1 is a series of high-fidelity 3D profile sensors. Each sensor features a dual-camera single-laser design that greatly lessens the scanning gaps often encountered at critical surface junctures because of optical occlusions. Unique algorithms running inside the sensor automatically generate various types of reliable 3D data—individual profiles, depth maps, or point clouds—obtained by smartly combining or selecting the pixel data from the two integrated image sensors, which is automatically sampled for a constant horizontal resolution.

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Pentax Lenses

Atlantek can supply the full range of Pentax lenses. Our most popular high quality, yet cost effective, machine vision lens series is the Pentax-M. Pentax also make ultra-violet and linescan lenses. For prices and more information please contact us.

Fujinon Lenses

Atlantek can supply the range of Fujinon megapixel lenses. For prices and more information please contact us.

Computar Lenses

Atlantek can supply the range of Computar lenses. For prices and more information please contact us.

V.S.Technology Lenses

Atlantek can supply the range of V.S.Technology lenses. For prices and more information please contact us.

Tamron Lenses

Atlantek can supply the range of Tamron lenses. For prices and more information please contact us.

Zeiss F-mount Industrial Lenses

Atlantek can supply the range of Zeiss industrial lenses. For prices and more information please contact us.

EFFILUX LED Illumination

LED Illumination

EFFILUX EFFILUX designs and manufactures powerful and innovative LED lighting systems for machine vision, quality control, scientific imaging, biomedical and optical measuring devices. Producst categories include LED bar, backlight, dome, linear, pattern projector, 3D projector, telecentric, ring, coaxial and custom.
* Bar Lights
* Backlights
* Dome Lights
* Linear Lights
* 2D Projector
* 3D projector
* Telecentric
* Ring lights
* Coaxial lights

For prices and more information, please contact us.

Phlox Custom LED Illumination


Innovative LED technology from Phlox can customise LED backlights for LCD, machine vision, medical and other non-standard applications. For prices and more information please contact us.

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